This privacy policy (”Policy”) informs you of information handling practices of Becomist (this ”Website”) and its parent Company Oyoboyo (”Company”, “We”) as data controller under applicable privacy laws.

For the purposes of this Policy “Information” refers to any and all Information relating an identified or identifiable individual that is collected or generated in your interaction with the Website.

If you do not agree with the terms of this policy you may not use the Website. If you use this Website, and change your mind in the future you must stop using this Website and you may exercise the Rights as outlined in this Policy.


This Website may collect the following Information about you:

  • Subscription Information: for example, when subscribing to receive updates you will be asked to provide your email address.
  • Information collected in communication: for example, when you communicate via email, we may request Information related to your request including additional contact Information (e.g., phone number or name) or Information about your use of the Website (e.g., bugs or issues experienced).
  • Information for Identification: for example, when using this site your IP address and device Information (such as device model, brand, and operating system) may be detected.
  • Analytics Information: for example, when you visit the site we may track information about your usage, including pages visited, links clicked, and time spent.


The company uses Information collected as follows:

  • Website development & improvement: for example, Information collected in communication may help identify bugs or issues; analytics Information may inform future content (i.e., content strategy).
  • Communications: for example, subscription Information will be used to send newsletters and updates; Information collected in communication will be used to communicate.


This Website uses cookies to track your Website interactions and preferences. Cookies are small files stored on your computer when visiting the Website. Cookies are used to identify you during your visit (and in future visits) to the Website.

This Website tracks you using the following cookies:

  • Google Analytics: this Website uses Google Analytics cookies to collect analytics Information used for Website improvement (e.g., to improve navigation or performance), and content strategy (i.e., to better create content of interest).


Your Information may be stored with select third parties, as part of the operation of the Company and Website.

Information storage providers used by the Website include:

  • Vendors and service providers: for example, cloud services used for subscription subscription (e.g., Mailchimp); sending and receiving email (e.g., Gmail).
  • Analytics providers: for example, third party services used to collect analytics Information (e.g., Google Analytics).


Specific Information rights vary by region, however, we extend to you the following rights:

  • Access: upon request we will provide you with access to, and explanation of use for all personal identifiable Information collected about you.
  • Erasure: you have the right to unsubscribe, and request deletion of personal identifiable Information (with the exception of where we have valid legal grounds to preserve that Information).
  • Objection: you have the right to object to our processing of your Information. You may unsubscribe, or configure your device or browser to prevent cookies from being used to track your interaction on the Website.
  • Portability: you may request to receive a copy of your Information collected and processed by us, in a format which can transferred (at your discretion) to a third-party.
  • Correction: you may request to have your Information we have collected corrected (i.e., inaccurate Information)
  • Restriction: you may request to restrict processing of Information for reason other than storage.


Questions, comments, and requests regarding this policy may be issued via email to


Over time the specific terms of this Policy may change. Policy updates will be made here, and communicated to subscribers via email.