Be Authoritative

Welcome to Becomist. Becomist explores creative goals. This quarter we set out to be authoritative: to create content others can trust.

December 31, 20211 min read


Incorporate feedback

Comments on your content aren't always easy to read but expert creators must be open to criticism to improve.

As a creator, receiving comments can be difficult. People can be unkind and hearing criticism of your creative work is never easy. But don't dismiss engagement — both to you and your audience there is valuable context (and content) in the...

Do your research

You don’t need to be academic to be an expert online — but you do need authoritative sources

Do your research before you post. You hear that a lot online. But what does it actually mean? Do we need to be an academic to present information on the internet? Certainly not. Interestingly, academic research is rarely definitive (experts are...

Find your voice

Every niche needs an authoritative voice — in your niche, is it yours?

In any medium, creating content which seems authoritative requires we approach it with that intent. That doesn't mean being formal, technical, or wordy, (unless your audience expects it) merely that you speak with a voice that relates you to your...

Speak from expertise

Audiences in every niche are seeking content they can trust. To be worthy? Avoid the trap of false expertise.

The creator space is inundated with pseudo-experts: individuals who act authoritative while sharing misinformation. This is a problem. As we've seen in the pandemic when misinformation finds an audience online, there are consequences. While some...

Know your audience

You're an expert in your niche. You're primed to create authoritative content hoping it finds an interested audience — so who’s interested?

For any creator, figuring out your audience, is a vital first step. Every niche has its audience — but audience composition, context, and need will vary. You need audience insight. So where do you find it? Market strategy The market for any product...